Qualification Commission

The Qualification Commission was created to take qualification exams from people applying for the status of a lawyer, as well as to consider complaints about the actions or inactivities of lawyers.

Members of the Qualification Commission

On behalf of the Moscow Bar Association

Marina Abramova

Olga Glazkova

Ivan Zhukov

Andrey Korshunov                          

Sergey Kupreichenko

Sergey Soloviev 

Elena Ulyanova

On behalf of the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Ilya Ketoev

Vladimir Safaryan

On behalf of the Moscow City Duma

Sergey Oreshkin
Andrey Tarasov

On behalf of the Moscow City Court

Elena Neretina

On behalf of the Arbitration Court of Moscow

Elena Davledianova

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